Friday, March 22, 2013

Transformation... Saturday?

Yeap! This is what you've been waiting for, my courage to show you my before and progressing pictures. 
Warning: Some photos in this blog are not meant for the eyes of sensitive natured citizens and are only meant to be viewed by those who will not be subjectively offended by seeing my belly fat. I do not in anyway intend for these photos to be thought of as "provocative" photos of me but simply to possibly inspire, motivate and help you and me stay fit, healthy and strong. 

Now, if you agree to not get offended meaning you are willingly allowing your own self to read this blog and view these photos... Carry on..... 

Like I've said in my previous post, I've never been that skinny girl without any fat so to start off this very exciting post, I want to get a little personal. And that is to exploit the slow progress that's been coming along in the past 11 weeks (Yes it's been 11 weeks!). And why it is that I'm wearing the same sports bra on the last two pictures... I have no idea really. I swear I have more than 2 sports bras! 

Yes, I know... You never thought I had belly fat but now you can tell me to workout harder when I complain to you that I have belly fat. So I'm warning you! Don't you dare tell me, "No Jeanny, You're Helllaaa skinny. You don't even need to workout!" Cause I need encouragement too! 

Well now, let's take a closer look. Notice the little change that's gone from week 5 to week 11. I honestly blame myself for weeks 4-9 because I didn't rotate cardio routine to something very different and I think that's what slowed by progress down. So take this hint: CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE EVERY 3 WEEKS! I had to learn it the hard way :<

But I must say, girls: Do your push-ups, bench presses, and flies (dumbells)!
It really does benefit your breast and gives a more natural lift. Compare my pictures if you must, but I know there has definitely been a change since I've started working out. 

Want some numbers? 
                       Last post:                         Today: 
Weight:            114 lbs                           113 lbs 
Waist:                29 in                             28.5 in
Pull-up               0                                       4
Bench max:     80 lbs                             90 lbs 

I know I haven't lost weight, but I'm over that "losing weight" crap. Body building means gaining muscle. And I love knowing that I'm slowly losing fat as well as gaining muscle and strength. 

Today, Mike and I worked on shoulders! :) Just wanted to take a picture so that I can have something to post on my blog.

That's all for today! :)


<3 Jeanny 

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